How much does a kitten weigh?
The weight of a kitten can talk about many things: about age, health, pace of development, and not only. As they grow older, the weight of the kitten changes, it…

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Abyssinian cat
This is one of the most mysterious and ancient breeds of cats - the image of the Abyssinian decorated even the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. However, in our country…

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Feline language: how to understand your pet
Undoubtedly, cats have their own language. But their language does not consist of words: cats have in their arsenal a lot of gestures, sounds and facial expressions. Many owners would…

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Kittens after birth

The birth of kittens (especially for the first time) is an exciting event not only for the cat, but also for its owners. And, although almost the entire care of offspring in the first weeks lies with the cat, the owners can help her with this. The main thing is to provide proper care and nutrition so that the cat has enough milk.

In the early days, people should not touch the kittens with their hands, because the cat may refuse them – stop feeding. In the first month, you need to observe how the kittens gain weight and develop. Continue reading

Stages of development of kittens

The development of kittens largely depends not only on the mother-cat, but also on the owner. At each stage of growing up, it is necessary to provide small pets with good nutrition, timely medical assistance and normal physical activity. What are the developmental stages of kittens and what is the owner’s role in each of them?

The development of kittens can be divided into several stages, depending on their age. In this case, the most rapid changes occur with animals in the first days after birth. Continue reading

They took a kitten from the street. What to do?

Did your children pick up the kitten on the street or did you take pity on the orphan yourself? After returning home after this noble impulse, many do not understand what to do next, and often make mistakes. There are several basic, but very important points that you need to know about when picking up an animal on the street. Continue reading

Kitten and puppy in the same apartment

Many animals, like people, do not tolerate loneliness. They begin to yearn, and this can lead to poor health. A good way out for those who are not at home as often as they would like, can be the acquisition of two pets at once. They will be able to spend time together, develop and delight the owner, and, most importantly, they will be less susceptible to stress. There is nothing strange in having a kitten and a puppy at the same time, on the contrary, this has its advantages. Continue reading

Usually a week or 10 days after birth, the eyelids begin to slowly open.

It is believed that all kittens are born with their eyes closed and can look at this world only after some time. And how many days the cat offspring begins to see? Are all kittens born blind? What problems can newborns expect and how to help them?

All these questions often concern owners, especially if they are waiting for the first offspring in their cattery. But it is impossible to unequivocally answer this question. Continue reading

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Stages of development of kittens
The development of kittens largely depends not only on the mother-cat, but also on the owner. At each stage of growing up, it is necessary to provide small pets with…


Cigarette cats: what to do the owner
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