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They took a kitten from the street. What to do?

Did your children pick up the kitten on the street or did you take pity on the orphan yourself? After returning home after this noble impulse, many do not understand what to do next, and often make mistakes. There are several basic, but very important points that you need to know about when picking up an animal on the street.

Fundamental rules
If there are already pets in the house, keep in mind that the new kitten should not immediately get acquainted with other animals in the house. It is necessary to endure a month of quarantine from the day you brought the kitten from the street. The first couple of days the animal can live in a small room (for example, in a warm loggia or bathroom). During this time, signs of possible infection may appear. If it turns out that the cat is sick with something, then it will be easier to disinfect only these premises than the entire apartment.

Also a mistake is bathing a pet on the very first day he was home. If a kitten from the street is sick, then water can accelerate the spread of the disease through his body and aggravate the situation.

First steps
Now that you have been warned about the main thing, you can proceed to the implementation of the following recommendations:

It is necessary to immediately take the kitten for inspection to a veterinarian. He will check the gender and the approximate age of the pet, find out if the animal has a chip. If the kitten is chipped, then the owners are probably looking for it. If not, the doctor will take the temperature of the body, take the material for the test for versicolor, collect scraping from the ears for analysis of ectoparasites. It is also advisable to take a blood test.

The first treatment for fleas will also hold a specialist. In his arsenal there are potent substances that will not harm the animal. But repeated preventive treatments have to be carried out independently.

As for vaccination, it makes no sense to rush with it. If the moment when you brought a kitten from the street, coincided with the incubation period of the disease, then the vaccination will provoke the disease. Consult with your veterinarian about this.

Also during the consultation, do not forget to ask which food scheme is more suitable for your new pet.

In addition to visiting the clinic, you need to go to the pet store. The new family member will need a tray and a filler for him, as well as carrying. The kitten should have a scraper, bowls for food and water, and a brush for combing wool. Still need a special shampoo. Since you do not know what the animal ate before, you should choose food that is suitable for age.

House Rules for a New Family Member
A lot of work is ahead of the master already at home: a new family member needs to be helped to get used to the simplest and most important things, to teach him to live in a new house. So, taming a kitten to a tray will require patience and attentiveness.

The next stage of adaptation is schooling to a sleeping place. It is advisable not to let the baby go to bed with people. Otherwise, the kitten will grow up and will assume that everything is allowed to it. It is better to have him a separate bed and put it in a secluded, warm and dry place, for example, on an elevation protected from drafts. However, it is highly likely that the kitten will not approve the choice of the owner and will persist in a completely different place. Then the bed is better to equip there. You can buy a bed or do it yourself.

If you first brought a kitten from the street, then some of the possible troubles may be a surprise for you.
To avoid this, try to temporarily raise the plants on the shelves higher, where the kitten can not jump. In addition, it is better to remove small objects, hide household chemicals and open wires.

Do not be discouraged if, at first, a new family member will keep you away. This is normal, because the kitten from the street, being at home, at first is experiencing severe stress. If he hid in a secluded place, do not try to lure him out. He will be released when he is satisfied that nothing threatens his safety. You can put food and drink nearby.

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