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Dandruff in a cat. Causes and treatment

Have to vacuum often, and the cat has become unsightly? It seems that dandruff is a harmless symptom that you can not worry about. We will see if this is so.

Do cats have dandruff
White flakes are rained not only from human heads: this attack is also found in animals. Dandruff occurs in all warm-blooded animals, including cats.

Why cats get dandruff
Skin renewal is a normal process. At the same time, dead pieces of skin are formed, which disappear imperceptibly in healthy cats. If the epidermis is renewed too quickly, there is a lot of exfoliated white skin particles. This is called seborrhea, or dandruff.

Seborrhea does not appear just like that. Common causes of dandruff in cats:

Skin diseases and fungus. Occur if the grooming is insufficient;
Parasites. Ticks, fleas and other animals damage the skin;
Sunburn. It is important to ensure that the cat is not perelezhal the sun;
Dry air The skin needs moisture, and if there is little of it in the air, dandruff appears;
Various diseases. Seborrhea can even begin due to problems with the stomach or hormones;
Allergic reactions. So cats sometimes react to a change of feed or new medicine;
Stress. Dandruff appears even because of cat experiences;
Wrong care. For example, excessively frequent washing of the cat and poor-quality food;
Excess weight. Thick pets can not lick themselves. In such cats dandruff often appears on the back.
The type of dandruff also indicates the cause of its occurrence. For example, a black dandruff in a cat is due to fungi and parasites. Dandruff can be oily – while the cat’s coat is generally greasy and sticky.

What to do if a cat has dandruff
First of all you should visit the vet. The doctor will conduct the necessary tests, examine the cat and identify the initial disease. In this case, treating a cat for dandruff will include not only getting rid of an unpleasant symptom.

If the cause of seborrhea is not a disease, the process is much simpler:

Balance the nutrition of the cat. Do not feed your pet sweet and fatty foods, add vitamin A to the diet;
Think about what factors could trigger dandruff. Get rid of dryness in the room and stress in the life of the animal;
Buy a special dandruff shampoo for cats and wash your pet;
Also good help rinsing wool decoction of calendula and nettle.
Usually dandruff is easily treatable. However, it is easier to prevent the disease. Avoid provoking factors:

Do not bathe the cat too often and in hot water;
Choose a good shampoo;
Buy a humidifier in the apartment;
Give the cat a professional feed;
Do not let stress.
Keep track of your pet’s health and regularly visit the vet so you can prevent serious illnesses.

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