Kuril Bobtail
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Norwegian Forest Cat
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Cigarette cats: what to do the owner

When cats start their first heat
The time of occurrence of the first heat in different cats is not the same: it depends on age, nutrition, and even breed. On average, for the first time estrus occurs in older cats at 6-10 months, however, full maturation occurs only in a year. Only adult cats are allowed to breed.

How often do cats have estrus
If the cat has never been knitted, heat can occur quite often – 1-2 times a month. For cats that have been pregnant at least once, the classic frequency is 1 time in 3 months. In cats with frequent matings, estrus occurs every six months.

True and the stereotype of the March feline cries. The sexual activity of cats in the spring really increases.

Cat groom and cat bride

How long is estrus in cats
On average, estrus takes 5-7 days. If the cat has been running for more than two weeks, it may be unhealthy: you should reduce your pet to the vet. The flow ends with the sterilization of the cat or the onset of pregnancy.

Is it possible to sterilize a cat during estrus?
The cat’s uterus swells during estrus, so the operation is somewhat complicated. However, this is not a contraindication for removal of the organ. You can sterilize a cat even in case of pregnancy, if it threatens the life of the animal. If the cat had a hormonal failure, surgery is also necessary.

How to understand that a cat is in heat
Cat fucking during estrus

You will easily notice changes in your pet’s behavior. It will be better if you learn about the peculiarities of the process before puberty begins. This is how a cat’s estrus goes:

The genitals of the pet swell and increase;
Highlight clear and not abundant. If the cat is bleeding – contact your veterinarian, this is not normal;
The cat will start singing love mournful songs, sometimes in an unpleasant voice;
The cat falls on its front paws, exposing the tail up;
Unusual cleanliness is noted: the cat constantly licks and often goes to the toilet;
The cat pulls and rubs against everything that is possible, trying to attract attention to itself. Possible and vice versa sudden aggressiveness;
The animal marks the territory with its smell;
At the first opportunity, the cat will try to slip out of the house: be careful.
This behavior of the cat can be observed even before the start of estrus in less pronounced forms. Carefully watch the pet: enterprising cats easily run away in search of a lover.

If the cat is pedigree, intended for breeding and quite adult, pick a suitable partner and knit.

How to calm a cat during estrus
Do not leave darling in this difficult period for her. Spend more time with your cat: iron, caress and play. So she will partially spend the accumulated energy.

There are special means to calm the cats, usually in drops. Drugs are harmless and well correct unwanted behavior during estrus.

If you do not want to get the kittens from your cat, it is better to sterilize. You will save both the animal and the torture itself: think how hard it is for your cat to endure such stress.

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