How to comb the cat's coat
Every owner should take care of the health and appearance of his pet. Cat grooming is an important procedure that should be done regularly. But it must be done correctly.…

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Maine Coon
Brutal cats, as if escaped from the legends of the Vikings, fascinate the hearts of people who are not indifferent to the northern nature. However, in their hearts these cats…

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Norwegian Forest Cat
At home, this breed is known under the name Skogkatter - "forest cat." This breed often appeared in Scandinavian legends and even accompanied the god of thunder Thor. Breed origin…

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Knitting cats: preparation and conduct

Before you knit a cat, the owner is encouraged to familiarize yourself with the features of this difficult matter. It is important to prepare your pets, as well as the place where this event will take place. It is necessary to know the time interval, the most suitable for obtaining offspring.

Cat and cat hugging

For the first time estrus begins in cats in six months. You will notice some changes in the behavior of your pet. The cat will begin to meow loudly, bend back, lift up the tail and roll on the floor, can become aggressive.

In cats, puberty occurs a little later – at about 8 months. Even gentle animals at this time become more independent, some mark the territory. Veterinarians recommend to castrate the cat at this particular age, but it is still too early for mating – the reproductive system is still in its formative stage.

Good age for meeting different sex animals falls on a time period of one and a half to two years – both partners will be adults and ready.

How to find a pair
It should advance to look for the male cat. You can search for a gentleman in the breed club or at the exhibition for cats. Do not give the cat drugs that reduce sexual desire. Improper use of drugs leads to the risk of hormonal failure, the development of polycystosis and other unpleasant diseases.

Preparation for knitting
Love cat and cat

Before mating occurs, both pets must be examined by a veterinarian who makes a diagnosis about the health of a cat or a cat. The specialist will check the absence of diseases caused by infection, fungus or virus.

Immediately before mating, cut the claws of both animals to avoid injury. It is not recommended to wash the cat before meeting with a partner: it destroys the cat-attracting smell.

By tradition, the cat is brought into the cat’s territory – a safe place for him, on heat day 4. To avoid lining is recommended to consult a veterinarian.

How does the pairing
Knitting will take several days. Once in an incomprehensible situation, the cat at first may show aggression or hide, which is quite natural and normal. Animals need some time to get used to each other.

For a cat, it is recommended to bring a separate container for food, a tray and a carrier in which it will hide if it wishes.

The cat will begin to flirt with a partner when fully prepared for mating. The process itself does not take much time. Fertilization takes place within 24 hours if all goes well. Animals can mate several times until one of them loses interest in the process.

The cat after mating will want to hide and lick out – do not disturb the pet, this is normal behavior. The cat can also roll on the floor and make up.

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