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American shorthair

Fluffy hunter from the United States conquered the European continent with her friendliness, kindness and livability. The American Shorthair will suit any owner and will become a true friend for many years.

Breed origin
The first settlers of America carried on ships cats who protected food reserves from rodents. Cats belonged to different breeds, but mostly – to the Egyptian and European. Many of these pets settled with people on the new continent. Over time, cats adapted to the American climate and changed their appearance.

Cat squints

At the beginning of the 20th century, a program of breeding a new breed was developed, for which the best representatives of the domestic short-haired cat were selected. In 1966, the breed appeared the name “American Shorthair”.

Appearance of American Shorthair
The breed has a strong build, but these cats do not look very muscular. American cats are hunter-hunters, and this is clearly expressed in the appearance of the pet. The body of the pet tends to form a rectangle.

Appearance of American Shorthair

Such animals have gender differences: cats-boys are larger than cats-girls. The weight of adult American cats reaches 5-8 kg, cats usually weigh no more than 6. Distinctive features of the breed:

Oval wide head large. The corners of the square muzzle are smooth, there are cheeks;
Medium ears with rounded tips, tassels allowed;
Almond-shaped wide-set eyes, external corners above internal. The cat’s gaze is alert and clear;
Strong legs with velvet compact legs. Heavy paw pads;
Short soft coat with dense undercoat. This coat protects well from rain and cold;
Wide tail with constriction to the blunt tip.
The breed standard allows any variety of colors – all thanks to the mixed origin of the American. However, rare purple, chocolate and sable colors are prohibited. The most common pattern is a tabby with a silvery shade.

Cat color red tabby

Cats are excluded from breeding with deep-set eyes, long hair, short or curved tail and pronounced brow ridges. Also, the breed standard prohibits any manifestation of weakness in the appearance of an American cat: such a pet should look strong.

American Shorthair Character
These cats are lazy and independent, so most often you will see a pet lying on a bed. American women are calm and will not want to search for dubious adventures, which means they will not overturn the precious grandmother’s vase from the sideboard.

Cat tricolor color lies in the sun

At the same time, such cats are friendly, and most of all they love to receive guests. Your pet will get acquainted with everyone who came and will surely give himself a pat. But dosed out: the spirit of American freedom does not allow people to sit on their knees for hours.

In the first place in the life of an American cat is its owner. This is a very dedicated and loving cat that will always be there. Even in the moments of attacks of “independence” the cat will walk somewhere nearby.

The favorite toy of the American Shorthair is a teaser. Fan wrapped on a string or fishing rod from a pet store. Representatives of the breed love to hunt and play, so it is important to regularly engage the cat with new activities.

Compatible with other pets and children
American cats are playful and tolerant, so they become great friends with their children. However, such a cat has a sense of self-importance, and you should not leave it to the very mercy of a very young child. An American will not want to be dragged by the tail, but most likely will not want to enter into conflict and will simply leave.

Two American Shorthair kittens and a husky puppy are eating

Representatives of the breed easily get along with other cats and dogs, but they will ask a fluffy friend to keep their distance: do not scratch or bite. At the same time it is not necessary to lodge birds, rodents or fish from the American Shorthair. Hunting instincts will not be long in coming.

Care for the American Shorthair
Because of the love of laziness and the bed, these cats are prone to obesity, so it is important to provide a pet with physical activity. Engage with your favorite game gymnastics and give him a set of exercises.

Two cats walk in a stroller

You can teach your American to walk, but you will have to contend with his sluggish habits. At the same time you should not let the cat off the leash: at the sight of the bird, the pet will necessarily have a desire to catch it and run away.

Take time to compose a proper pet diet. It is important to feed the cat with quality food and keep track of its quantity: do not fall for pleading eyes! It is easier to prevent cat obesity than to make your pet lose weight later.

The cat took the form of a ball

Short hair will not cause problems: wipe it with a damp cloth or brush it once a week. In periods of autumn and spring molting, the procedure is repeated more often.

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