Usually a week or 10 days after birth, the eyelids begin to slowly open.
It is believed that all kittens are born with their eyes closed and can look at this world only after some time. And how many days the cat offspring begins…

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How to adapt a kitten to a new home?
Any sudden change in the outside world is stressful for the cat. This is especially strongly felt at an early age, when the kitten was only taken from the mother.…

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How to adapt a kitten to a new home?
Any sudden change in the outside world is stressful for the cat. This is especially strongly felt at an early age, when the kitten was only taken from the mother.…

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Bengal cat

The beauty, grace and care of the wild beast are perfectly combined in the Bengal cat. Many people want to have a little “leopard” at home, but before acquiring, you need to understand the content features.

In the 60s of the 20th century, wild Bengal cats were on the verge of extinction because of poachers. Thirst for profit forced people to hunt cats of this breed and kill for the sake of production of luxurious skins. While killing a feeding female, poachers took the kittens and sold them to tourists, but no one thought that it was extremely difficult for an animal to adapt outside of wildlife.

The history of breeding domestic Bengal begins with the visit of a student (future genetics) Jane Mill to Taiwan, where she acquired a fluffy “souvenir” and decided to carry out selection work with him. In 1963, she crossed the representatives of the Bengal (male) and European Shorthair (female) breed, but the result was not as expected: the males were sterile. By changing the sex of the crossed breeds, the offspring turned out to be more successful.

In the mid-80s, the Bengals interbred with the Egyptian Mau and cats with the color Tabby. Thus, in 1991, the new breed was given official status and admission to the championships.

Breed description
Bengals are large cats whose weight can reach 8 kg. Outwardly, they look like wild representatives of feline, such “mini-leopards”, independent and proud. However, in domestic Bengal only 20% of genes are inherited from wild ancestors, and they determine the following properties of a cat:

plasticity and grace of a predator;
leopard color;
no fear of water.
Bengal Cat Description

The breed standard describes a Bengal cat like this:

The head is wedge-shaped. The jaws are square due to thickened jets and a massive chin.
Ears – small, with a broad base and rounded tips. Planting ears high.
The nose is large, wide, slightly curved.
Eyes – almond-shaped, green or golden brown.
The neck is strong and thick.
The body is muscular, large and long.
Paws – powerful. Front feet shorter than the rear.
Tail – tight, medium length, not fluffy. It also has rings and spots.
Bengal wool or short, or long, with a very soft and pleasant to the touch. It is easy to care for it – it is enough to thin it with a furminator and brush it out with a rubber brush once a week. During the molting procedure should be carried out more often.

The breed standard recognizes 3 colors:

Brown and all its shades. The eyes of such cats are golden.
Brown color
Snow or silver. This is a rather rare color. Kittens are born white, and as they grow older, the fur acquires a snowy hue and a characteristic pattern. Blue eyes.
Silver color Bengal cat
Blue. This is the rarest coloring. The coat color is gray-blue, and the chest has a slightly peach shade.
Blue color
The pattern on wool is divided into 3 types:

Marble. The spots are symmetrical, while on the back and sides they are large, and on the stomach – small. “Butterfly wings” appear on the shoulders.
Marble cat
Spotted. Oval spots of different size.
Spotted color Bengalis
Rosette Sockets have different sizes and are located asymmetrically.
Rose color Bengal cat
Coal colors do not yet have a color code, but soon it can also be recognized.

Despite the fact that the Bengals seem to be independent and independent, they need attention and affection. Pets of this breed love to play and explore, they are not afraid of dangers, but they are also quite clever.

Because of the wild ancestors of the Bengals, it seems to many that this breed is aggressive. However, this is not true – they become attached to their master, they literally pursue him throughout the house, watch their household and are bored during the separation.

Content Features
Bengal has an interesting feature: they love water and love to splash in the bathroom. In this regard, care for them becomes easier.

The character of the Bengal cat

Bengal cats are playful, so you should buy a variety of toys. There should be a claw house in the house, otherwise the furniture will not be good for it. If the pet does not recognize the claw, then you need to cut the claws, and do it carefully. You can not cut off too far – in the claw of the animal is a vessel, and you can not touch it.

The rest of the care for Bengal is in proper nutrition, psychological comfort and regular examination by a veterinarian.

Bengal cats are prone to leukemia, so you need to regularly check their health.

In addition, they are quite sensitive to food due to shorter intestines. To avoid problems, you should choose the right food (it is advisable to consult a specialist). At the same time, the diet should be balanced so that the pet does not become obese, as the bengals are big cats and they need to eat well.

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