Burmese cat
Muscular and stocky, but compact cats with the original color seemed to hide a motor in their tail - they are so active. Burmese cat - a great choice for…

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Burmese cat

Muscular and stocky, but compact cats with the original color seemed to hide a motor in their tail – they are so active. Burmese cat – a great choice for any family.

Beige cat

Breed origin
The Burmese cat is a native breed that appeared in the Asian state of Myanmar. Then this country was called Burma, whence the name of the breed came from.

These cats lived in the temple, because of what they were considered the reincarnation of deceased monks. Burmese cats were sacred and inviolable. In those days, these cats had only one color option – sable.

Burmese black cat

In the US, the breed came in the 1920s, where, over time, it gained popularity and new colors. Burmese cats resembled chocolate Siamese cats, but in 1936 they managed to recognize the standard of a separate breed.

Description of Burmese cats
This breed changes the typical view of shorthair cats: Burmese are different from others. The breed standard includes the following features:

Strong lean body with prominent muscles. Burmese cats weigh more than it seems – from 4 to 6 kg;
Powerful chest, giving the impression of strength in a cat;
Round head with a short muzzle and an outstanding elongated forehead;
Large expressive eyes at the edges of the muzzle, the shape is round. The color of the eyes of the Burmese is yellow or green;
The ears are bent forward, the tips of the ears are rounded;
Body proportional limbs with neat paws;
Soft and thick hair with a pronounced sheen.
Not allowed any stripes and small spots on the body of a Burmese cat. The animal should be colored evenly.
The similarity of these cats with angular Siamese and plump British is considered a breed disadvantage. Burmese should not be thick or thin: stocky and muscular – a necessary feature.

Chocolate cat

In addition to the above American standard, there is a European. This type of breed appeared much later, so it is more loyal. European cats have a wedge-shaped muzzle and compact size, pointed ears and a sly look.

Colors Burmese cats
In addition to the features of appearance, the European version of the breed is allowed to be of almost any color. Only 4 colors are available for American Burmese, which are considered basic for both species.

Since European Burmese are not recognized by all felinological associations, we only give American colors:

Sable color. This is a natural Burmese coloring, which is characterized by a rich chocolate color with dark transitions to the face, tail and legs;
Burmese Sable Cat

Blue color. Representatives of the breed of this color for the first time impressed the British public in the 50s at a cat show. The color can be both homogeneous and with darkened shade on the face and tail;
Burmese cat blue color

Champagne A cat resembles a cup of coffee with milk with a darker color of the legs, ears, tail and spout;
Burmese cat color Champagne

Platinum color. Gentle light-colored fur coat with a gray muzzle. Such a color in Burmese cats is also called lilac.
Murmansk cat purple color

The darkening of the color of a Burmese cat is the same as the color-point, however, the main shade of wool in no case can be white.

The character of Burmese cats
Representatives of the breed are surprisingly active and mobile. Favorite occupation of the Burmese – to run, jump and chase a ball. A Burmese cat resembles a dog: she will gladly learn all your commands, learn how to walk on a leash, and in her free time she will run after her master around the house.

Cat on the background of the fence

These are highly intelligent cats. They are happy to solve puzzles and surprise the owners with their mind in everyday tasks: some Burmese bring the necessary things without prior training.

Burmese cats are very sociable and can hardly imagine their lives without purring conversations. At the same time, they remember their past in the role of a sacred cat and behave like royalty: they ask them to read, feed and stroke deliciously.

Shiny cat fur

Compatible with children and other pets
Many families choose the Burmese cat precisely because of their relationship to children. Burmese allow you to do anything with them, never wanting to harm. Kids love these teddy bears.

Burmese kittens

Burmese animals communicate with courtesy, showing that the real kings here are only them. However, hostile relations do not start and try to be friends even with the most aggressive cohabitants. They love to play with everyone and even teach their friends new things.

Burmese cats care
Keeping such an elegant coat in order is not difficult: it is enough to scratch the cat with a brush once a week. To make the fur coat of a Burmese cat glisten, you need to wipe it with a piece of silk or fur. It is necessary to bathe the Burmese only as a last resort: if the cat is dirty or you want to bring it to the exhibition.

Burmese kittens

Burmese cats are quite picky about food, so you have to be patient. Do not force your pet to eat unappetizing food, otherwise it may be offended.

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