How to feed a kitten?
The kitten should receive food strictly in accordance with their needs and age. It is important to consider the frequency of feeding and ensure that the animal does not overeat.…

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Persian cat
Persian cats are a very popular breed. These are owners of the longest wool among all breeds of cats. Also, the Persians are distinguished by a cute flat face. Where…

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Abyssinian cat
This is one of the most mysterious and ancient breeds of cats - the image of the Abyssinian decorated even the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. However, in our country…

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Kuril Bobtail

Hearing the word “bobtail”, people usually think that we are talking about a dog. Few know that there is a breed of cats with a similar name. Kurilian bobtail is not a very common, but interesting breed.

Kuril bobtail is on the meadow

Breed origin
Kuril Bobtail is a native breed: it means that such cats appeared without human participation. These cats were noticed on the Kuril Islands in the middle of the 20th century, and at the same time began to be transported to the central part of Russia. Before that, according to felinologists, bobtails lived there for at least 200 years. The breed standard is recognized in 1991.

Appearance of Kurilian bobtail

Such cats with their appearance resemble small domestic lynx:

The large head of the shape of a trapezoid with wide cheekbones and a powerful chin;
Round big eyes with a slight tilt. Color is allowed any;
Wide ears to hear everything well;
Body with pronounced muscles, arched back;
Hind legs longer than the front;
Short fluffy tail in the form of a pompom;
Wool often long, but there are short-haired bobtails. Undercoat is mild.
Long-haired bobtails have a well-developed collar and wool pants. Colors are possible such:

The black. A fully colored cat resembles an ember;
Black Kurilian Bobtail
Redhead Wool color of fire – nice looking color;
Bobtail red color
Wild color. Such cats are most similar to lynx;
Kitten wild color
Cream. Caramel cat with milk;
Cream Bobtail
Tortoiseshell. Tri-color in all possible variations.
Tricolor Kuril Bobtail Kitten
Chocolate and purple colors, as well as cinnamon and faun are unacceptable: this means that the cat crossed with other breeds.

Bobtails are notable for their great love for people: they are absolutely not vindictive, they have a brilliant intellect and good nature. The owner only once or twice indicate to the animal an error in behavior, and this behavior will not be repeated.

Cats of this breed do not mark the territory. This is a natural defense mechanism, developed as a way to avoid the unnecessary attention of other predators towards themselves or kittens.

Cat sniffs dandelion

Bobtail owners are unanimous in their opinion that there is a lot of dogs in these cats. If desired, these cats can easily teach the execution of dog commands. Bobtails are also suspicious of strangers, and even sometimes attack intruders.

Such cats are not afraid of water, swim and bathe with pleasure. Do not mind fishing, so be careful if there is an aquarium at home. In addition to fishing, bobtails respect hunting, easily coping with even large rats.

Bobtail walks on a leash

Representatives of the breed are clean, and their hair and claws do not require special attention from the owner. It is enough to comb out long-haired cats a couple of times a week, more often during the molting period. Keep your eyes clean: bobtails have problems with them. Also check your pet’s ears regularly.

In terms of nutrition, bobtails are unpretentious, but it is better to give preference to natural food. Remember that bobtails do not tolerate dairy products and potatoes.

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