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The breed of curly cats surprises everyone: you can rarely meet lapers! The name of the breed – derived from the word “permanent” – translates as a perm, but curls do not need to go to a beauty salon – such beauty is inherited from nature. And the ridiculous character easily melts the heart of even the most brutal men.

Breed origin
For the first time a kitten with curly hair was born in 1982 in the state of Oregon. The cat was born completely bald, but by the age of two months it was suddenly covered with pretty curls.

Curly wool is a dominant gene mutation, so there were no problems with breeding such a breed.

Description of breeds

These are slender cats of medium size. Laperms are both short-haired and long-haired. In addition to the characteristic wavy hair, this breed is distinguished by the following features:

Triangular head with rounded edges and elongated muzzle;
The ears continue to form a head, large and wide set;
Almond-shaped slanting eyes, similar to sapphires;
Graceful legs with wool trousers. Rear longer than the front;
The tail is of medium length, curler than the rest of the body.
Wool laperma is very soft and silky to the touch. Kitty resembles a plush toy: I always want to hug him! Curls are unevenly distributed: most of them on the tummy.

The breed standard allows any combination of colors. The most common colors:

The black. Cat coal color with the same paws; Black laperm
White. Kinky milk cloud;

Redhead Monochrome sweet sweet candy color; redhead laperm
Cream. Fluffy color condensed milk;
Curly cream colored cat
Tortoiseshell. Tricolor color, which is considered to be hereditary for the breed; Tortoiseshell color:
Tabby. Also a hereditary color that resembles a wild cat. Tabby color laperm
In all colors except black, the nose and legs are pink.

Laperm is obliged to hug every person met! These cats love people, try to sit on someone’s knees and purr. And purr lapermy well, very loud.

If you pay a little attention to a laperma, the cat will consider you the best friend. Laperms love everyone: children, cats and even dogs.

Curly kittens play

Curly cats more than anything else like to sit on people. On your knees, on your stomach, on your back, on your shoulders – it doesn’t matter! The main thing to warm your beloved master. Laperm is hard alone, so the breed is not suitable for workaholics. Best of all, these cats feel in a large and friendly family.

Care features
For combing curly wool useful comb with rounded teeth. Comb her cat daily to remove loose hairs and avoid tangles.

In kittens up to a year, wool can suddenly fall out completely. This is normal – then the coat grows and becomes better.

Kittens laperma sit in a suitcase

Because of curls, this breed is more often visited by skin parasites – fleas or ticks. In a thick fur coat they are harder to notice, so inspect the cat very carefully. Also, laper need to bathe monthly to maintain a healthy-looking coat.

The breed has no characteristic diseases, but do not forget to follow the vaccination schedule and regularly take the cat to the vet for a routine examination.

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