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Maine Coon

Brutal cats, as if escaped from the legends of the Vikings, fascinate the hearts of people who are not indifferent to the northern nature. However, in their hearts these cats are real sweethearts and beautiful pets!

Breed origin
The history of the Maine Coon began in America, in Maine. The first cat of this breed is considered to be Captain-Jenks-of-the-sea-cavalry. Jenks visited the New York and Boston exhibitions already in 1861 and it was because of him that breed was popular in those years. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, Persian cats turned out to be more popular, and the Maine Coons almost disappeared. American farmers managed to save the breed, who appreciated its hunting qualities.

Description of breed Maine Coon
gray fluffy maine coon

These cats are very distinguished from others, because Maine Coon – the largest breed of cats. They are also distinguished by the following features:

Elongated long head with a powerful skull;
Square muzzle with characteristic high cheekbones;
Oval eyes wide apart;
Large ears with tassels;
Fluffy paws with hairs between fingers;
Long and strong muscular body. Weight Maine Coon can reach 10 kg;
Lush and very long tail. Records in body length belong to the Maine Coon!
Wool at the Maine Coon fluffy and silk to the touch. Very thick and flowing due to undercoat. Expressed collar-mane on the neck and woolen pants.

Maine Coon Colors
The breed has a large number of options for rich colors. However, chocolate, purple and color-point Maine Coons do not happen. Consider the main colors of these cats.

Solid colors
Solid without a spot is called “solid.” Monochrome color – the result of the work of breeders, because by nature Maine Coons are painted with different patterns.

These seals resemble a furry cloud! White Maine Coon – one of the rarest colors.

The black
Mystical cat color is darker than night – this is what black Maine Coon looks like.

A cat-fire is usually not completely monochromatic – it is difficult for a red Maine Coon to draw a picture.

Very delicate color resembles coffee with milk. Kitty and want to eat!

Overcast cats are great for long evenings. Blue Maine Coon is like a wizard.

Such beautiful colors cats gave nature. Colors with pictures can be divided into main groups.

It is believed that this “wild” color – the original for the Maine Coon.

Tiger Tabby
On the back of the cat are vertical stripes, so he looks like a wild tiger.

From above, the cat is evenly painted in a solid color, but the roots of the hairs of the wool are white. Especially impressive is the Maine Coon with the color of black smoke.

The cat has patches of white, red and black all over the body. In cats, this color is rare.

A spotted cat with a color of two colors is called bicolor. Most often there is a combination of some color with white.

Character Maine Coon
Despite its brutal appearance, these cats are very gentle and affectionate. Maine-coons love the owner and are always ready to come to his aid. They are interested in the affairs of their man, but do not insist if he is busy. To strangers are suspicious and cold – the confidence of the Maine Coon must be earned!

Maine-coons love to hunt and walk, so they will be comfortable living in a private house or go to the country. Get along well with other pets, except similar to prey – rodents and birds.

Easy to train, and you can easily teach a fluffy bogatyr to bring a ball and perform simple commands. They love to talk, and their voice is quite low and not feline.

The breed has a sense of self-worth, so they will not steal food from the table and beg. Sometimes maine coons behave rather independently, showing everyone around the importance and seriousness, but in their souls they are cute kittens.

Maine Coon Care
Be sure to give your pet a place to sharpen its claws: the Maine Coons do it more often than other breeds. Many cats of this breed prefer to do manicure in a horizontal position, so take a look at your pet.

Wool at the Maine Coon does not fall into mats, so it is not so difficult to care for her. Get a comb with a different frequency of teeth and puhoderku. It is necessary to comb a cat 2-3 times a week. Maine-coons love water, so there will be no problems with bathing. Consider buying a indoor fountain for the cat.

For these cats, privacy is important, so make a private spot for your pet. In a small room Maine Coon crowded, and he will be glad to walk in the fresh air.

Because of the size of the breed representatives need more food, and they really love to eat. Take the time to create a balanced diet, and the cat will delight you with health for many years.

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