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Neva Masquerade Cat

The quivering and caring cat with a mask on the face – that’s who this Neva masquerade! This breed was raised in St. Petersburg: it was not just that she had an intelligent character and an aristocratic appearance.

Breed origin
Russian pride came from the union of Siberian and Siamese cats. For the first time Neva Masquerade presented at the main show of cats in St. Petersburg. From the Siberian cat got a powerful body, muscles and strong health, thick hair, and from Siamese – color and blue eyes.

Siberian colorpoints really look as if they had gathered for a solemn parade:

A large trapezoidal head with dense cheeks;
The ears are wide apart, on the tips are often brushes;
Round eyes with a cold northern look;
Eye color can be lilac, turquoise, indigo or other shades of blue;
Fluffy big tail with a rounded tip;
Wool is long, on the sides of the fluffy than on the back, “scares” water and dirt.
Kittens of this breed are born completely white, and already with age they acquire a colourpoint color. Variations of colors are as follows:

Seal point. The dark color of the face, ears, legs and tail with a white body;
Cat color seal point
Blue Point – greyish with white;
Neva Masquerade Blue Point
Red-point – red color on a light background;
Neva Masquerade Red Point
Tortie point Beautiful coloring with dark and red spots.
Tortie point
The Neva Masquerade Cat Standard forbids mauve and chocolate colors. All variations of the paws can be light: the main thing is the painted face.

The Petersburg intellectual has a rather complicated character. This breed has a sense of dignity, so the cat does not descend to the dirty tricks. However, such pets are quite touchy. Nevaqs like to talk, often purr and meow.

Neva cat loves his master, but not a pristaucha: if you do not have time for a pet, she will wait. He treats strangers negatively, but tolerates children: he will not scratch a child if he pulls a cat by the tail.

This breed is simply brought up, and these cats are not inclined to hooliganism. They are clean and intelligent, so there won’t be a pet going to a dirty tray or eating from a dirty bowl.

The most important part of caring for this breed is caring for wool. The cat is combed with a massage comb a couple of times a week, using a mop to remove the undercoat. It is necessary to bathe a cat not more often than two times a month.

Like all breeds occurring naturally, Nevak has good health and immunity. Such a cat is able to live up to twenty years, or even more.

Although cats and cats of this breed look impressive, they are not inclined to obesity. Therefore, feeding a couple of times a day will be enough. Pet can be fed with ready-made mixtures of premium or natural products. It is better not to offer Nevak’s liver, since the color of it darkens. It is useful to add to the diet of fermented milk products.

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