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Translated from the German word “Nebel” means fog. And indeed, the cats of the Nibelung breed seemed to try on clothes from the fog! These cats are silk not only outside, but inside as well.

cat with green eyes

Breed origin
The Nibelungenes turned out due to the crossing of the Russian blue with the long-haired breeds. It happened by chance: kittens with fluffy fur were sometimes born in Russian blue. American breeders decided to recognize such cats as a separate breed, and the first nibelungs were born in 1986. Standard recognized a year later.

Description of cats nibelung
nibelung in nature

It is not for nothing that the breed is named after the German opera “Song of the Nibelungs”: the Nibelungs are children of fog. These cats have the following characteristics:

Graceful physique with long limbs. The ideal weight of the Nibelung is from 3 to 5 kg;
Straight wedge-shaped head;
Pronounced whisker pads;
Large ears with sharp tips are bent forward;
Oval eyes of emerald or amber color;
Grayish nose and paw pads;
Silk and thick hair with pronounced undercoat.
The color of the Nibelungs is possible only blue with a silver tint. It is with him that these cats look so mystical.

cat on the bed

Nibelung cat character
These cats are quite independent: nibelungs do not bother the owner if he does not want to communicate. But if he is supportive, the Nibelungs become the most affectionate and kind kittens. They love to purr and softly hum their feline songs.

The Nibelungs guard the house quite well: they treat the guests with hostility, especially the uninvited. On the scandalous personalities may even pounce. They communicate reluctantly, but warmly with households.

nibelung cat

If you rarely go home, nibelung will be hard. Get a friend’s cat: he will be very comfortable with another pet.

Care and health
It is important to regularly comb a fine, misty fur so that it does not roll into mats. Comb a cat 2-3 times a week using a comb with different teeth, brushes and pouderki.

Bathing greatly affects the color of nibelung wool, so they should not take a bath often. If the cat is very dirty and you still need to bathe it, do not use shampoos of yellow and pink flowers. Also, the color is negatively affected by the sun: the cat may rust.

cat nibelung

Liver, carrot, buckwheat, algae and iodine can also affect the color of the nibelung – do not give them these products. In general, it is better to feed such a cat with natural food: take the time to create a healthy diet.

Despite the artificial origin of the breed, the Nibelungs are distinguished by good health. They have no predisposition to genetic diseases. The average life expectancy is 15 years.

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