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Lazy cats – that’s who Ragdolls are! This breed is extremely docile and obedient, Ragdoll’s favorite occupation is to lie down and do nothing. They love to sit on the handles and absolutely not against hugs: just doll cats!

Ragdoll cat

The breed was bred by American breeders in California, in the 60s of the last century. Accurate data on the progenitors of Ragdoll is not. Apparently, these seals are too lazy to write down their history. According to one of the versions, Ragdolls appeared due to the crossing of a very docile Angora cat and a Burmese cat.

Ragdoll in nature

Ragdoll are strong and well-proportioned cats with a firm stand on their feet. Cats weigh from 3 to 7 kg, cats – from 6 to 9 kg and more. Appearance has the following description:

Wide wedge-shaped head with developed cheeks;
The ears are medium, sometimes with tassels at the ends;
Oval far set eyes;
Beautiful white mustache;
Thick and very soft coat;
The tail is long and thick.
Eye color can only be blue, it is an influential and valuable factor in terms of participation in beauty contests.

Color Ragdollov always color-point. The colors are valid as follows:

Color “forces.” Tanned fur with brown markings;
Ragdoll color forces
Chocolate. The cat resembles cocoa with milk;
Chocolate color
Lilac. Light gray delicate color;
Lilac cat
Creamy. Cat milky color with caramel spots.
Cream Ragdoll
In addition to color, the color-point type of color is subdivided into color-point itself, mitted (white socks and breast) and bi-color (V-shaped mark on the muzzle and “saddle” on the back).


The name “ragdoll” translates as “rag doll”: the cat was so named because of the extraordinary humility observed by the first breeders of this charming breed. This is an excellent pet, as it is a sociable and very tolerant cat. Ragdolls usually do not meow, but make weak and gentle sounds.

These cats are quiet, discreet and intelligent. These are ideal qualities for those who are looking for a cat to devote to her a hug and affection. Because of their overly relaxed behavior, there is a myth that ragdolls are resistant to pain, but this is not true.

Care features
Fluffy cat

Watch carefully for their behavior, food intake and physical health: these cats are very gentle.

It is important to regularly comb Ragdolls, so that their wool is not tangled. Ragdoll has a medium-sized silky coat with a soft texture that is easy to care for. Use a stainless steel comb to comb the cat once or twice a week to prevent wool from tangling. Brush your pet gently, and when the cat gets used, it will enjoy the process. Ragdoll wool sheds, but not excessively.

Requires regular haircut claws and ear cleaning. Trim the claws as needed, about twice a month. Cats are prone to periodontal disease, so it is important to brush your teeth at home with a pet-approved pet paste paste and plan trips to the vet as needed.

Ragdolls have a lifespan of about 10 years. These are relatively healthy cats, although digestion problems such as trichobezoar (hair balls in the stomach) can occur due to the semi-long size of the coat.

The most common diseases affecting ragdolls are:

Urinary problems (which may be related to the kidney or ureter);
Polycystic kidney disease;
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Endogamy is the most serious problem of this breed of cats, as about half of the genes of all ragdolls come from the sole founder Daddy Warbax.



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