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Turkish Angora

The Angora cat or, as it is also called, the Turkish Angora is a surprisingly attractive breed of long-haired cats. The appearance of the angora creates an image of cold and snow, but this cat is from the southern Turkish lands.

Turkish Angora with different eyes

The origin of the breed dates back to ancient times. Being a descendant of the first domesticated cats, the Turkish Angora became known in the 16th century, and was recognized as a separate breed – in the 17th. The name of these cats was in honor of the city of Angora, which now changed its name to Ankara. The white-eyed Angora cat is Turkey’s national treasure.

Breed description
Appearance of the angora cat

The appearance of the Turkish Angora is noble and elegant. The following breed standard is approved:

Medium sized flexible dry body;
Wedge-shaped narrow head with smooth lines;
Eyes in the form of tonsils, slightly slanting;
Ears large with sharp tips;
Slender limbs, legs oval. The hind legs seem to be dressed in harem pants;
The tail is long and fluffy, pointed at the end;
Soft and silky hair, slightly wavy, without undercoat.
It is believed that all Turkish Angoras are snow-white, but this is not so – just a white color is preferable. These cats have other colors, for example:

Black color. Suppose as completely monophonic, and with specks;
Black Turkish Angora
Auburn and cream. Gentle and beautiful color;
Red angora cat
Silver. Both monophonic and tabby are possible.
Turkish Angora silver color
Standard Turkish Angora prohibits only chocolate and purple colors, as well as the shade of “faun”.

The angora has something in common with its appearance: they are curious and lively cats who love to run, play and explore the territory. At the same time, Angora cats are distinguished by affection and devotion; they are prone to choosing one host among the household. They like to talk with people and have their own point of view.

It should be borne in mind that the Turkish Angoras are sociable and require a lot of attention, but they don’t like the simple sitting on the pens: cats will prefer to play and jump with the owner. Angora is easy to train, and the pet will gladly bring the ball.

Angora cat plays

Keeping an Angora cat is not as difficult as it seems when looking at a luxurious coat. A long coat without a fluffy undercoat almost does not tangle. Brush your pet weekly with a special anti-static brush, and that will be enough. Scratching is required more frequently during shedding.

Angora wool repels dirt, so cats are often not needed for bathing: as a rule, no more than 1-2 times a month. For swimming, use only special “cat” shampoos.

Also, watch out for your teeth, claws, and cat ears. Teeth should be cleaned at least once a week using a special toothpaste for animals. Eyes and ears should be periodically checked for dirt and wiped with cotton pads or cotton swabs, which can be moistened with a special solution.

Turkish angora easily accustomed to the claw, but the need to trim the claws from time to time remains. For this, it is better to use specially selected claw cutters with convenient for the owner handles.

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