How to help the cat in the summer heat
Cats, like people, do not like heat. They sweat only through their paws, and so difficult to adjust the heat. Animals themselves can not turn on the air conditioner, so…

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Kuril Bobtail
Hearing the word "bobtail", people usually think that we are talking about a dog. Few know that there is a breed of cats with a similar name. Kurilian bobtail is…

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How to help the cat in the summer heat
Cats, like people, do not like heat. They sweat only through their paws, and so difficult to adjust the heat. Animals themselves can not turn on the air conditioner, so…

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How to adapt a kitten to a new home?

Any sudden change in the outside world is stressful for the cat. This is especially strongly felt at an early age, when the kitten was only taken from the mother. How to make the move to a new home painless and help your pet quickly adapt to the new environment?

It should be understood that it is better to take a kitten from the mother no earlier than 12-16 weeks. Until this age, he is still too dependent on her. If the kitten is weaned too soon, problems of a mental nature can develop, as well as a decrease in immunity, since it is the cat’s milk that allows it to be maintained in the first weeks of life. Difficulties with the process of adaptation to new conditions are not excluded. Therefore, it is best to wait to reach the age of 3-4 months to pick up a little older kitten in a new home. But in this case one should pay attention to all the nuances.

First of all, it is worthwhile to take care of a comfortable moving of a new family member: the kitten must be transported in a carrier, then it will be better protected from external stimuli that may frighten him. It is advisable to put inside a familiar toy or familiar bedding, so that he could smell his own.

Behavior rules
At first, it is very important not to create additional stressful situations for a new tenant: not to miss him, not to frighten him with sharp movements and loud sounds, not to scream. If there are children in the house, they need to explain that the kitten is a living creature for which all family members are responsible, and not just another toy. You should not try to immediately consider his family and meet.

Creating a stir around a new pet is a gross mistake, because for him it will be a very big stress.
Having reached the house, the owner should calmly open the carrier, in which the kitten traveled, and release it to the apartment without any unnecessary sounds and movements. Let him get a little comfortable. There are cases when the kitten completely refuses to go out or, conversely, rushing headlong under the sofa. It’s okay, you should not try to get it from a secluded place. On the contrary, the calmer and quieter you react – the better.

Hazard protection
As soon as the kitten decides to explore a new home, you need to make sure that the new conditions for it are safe. It is necessary to limit access to the wires, high chairs, close the windows and remove all sharp objects. Kitten curiosity can turn into a disaster.

In addition, if there are other animals in the house, familiarity with them should occur gradually. In no case can not let them to the kitten on the first day. This is especially true for adult cats and dogs. At first, it is better to hold a kitten in your arms, and limit dating sessions. If the animals hiss to each other, that’s okay, this is a normal reaction, it will pass with time.

Important point:
Before you start a kitten, make sure that the dog with which he has to live in the same house is socialized and able to find a common language with other animals.

Feeding and care
An important issue is feeding the kitten after the move. It is necessary to learn in advance from the breeder what kind of food the baby is used to. If you picked up a feed of another brand, the transition to it should be smooth. You can not dramatically change the diet plan, the frequency of feeding and the size of portions, as this can lead to problems with digestion. From the first days it is necessary to show the pet that it is impossible to eat products from the owner’s table.

Feed the animal is strictly prohibited. Firstly, it is possible to inculcate harmful eating habits, secondly, it definitely will not be beneficial for the pet’s gastrointestinal tract, because human food is not suitable for pets.

It is important to take care of the care of a new family member, for this you need to understand what he may need.
Things to buy for a kitten:
Tray and filler;

Bowls for food and water;



Veterinary first aid kit;



Carrying and diaper;

Bathing shampoo (if necessary).

Remember that the kitten is the same child who is not against games, fun and entertainment. Moreover, through physical activity, he knows the world. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire several toys for a pet: playing together will bring pleasure to the whole family.

Usually, subject to simple rules, the adaptation of a kitten is quite easy and fast. The maximum of love and patience will speed up the process and make it especially enjoyable.

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