The correct diet for a kitten
At a young age, the cat should receive with food all important for the development of the substance. Only in this way the foundation of good health and high quality…

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Usually a week or 10 days after birth, the eyelids begin to slowly open.
It is believed that all kittens are born with their eyes closed and can look at this world only after some time. And how many days the cat offspring begins…

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Persian cat
Persian cats are a very popular breed. These are owners of the longest wool among all breeds of cats. Also, the Persians are distinguished by a cute flat face. Where…

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What does a kitten need when it appears in the house?

The appearance of a kitten in the house is a joyful event for the whole family, and, so that nothing will darken it, you should prepare in advance for the new inhabitant in the house. What should be done first? Buy all the things that will ensure a comfortable life for the animal. They are not many, so it does not require serious spending.

It is recommended to purchase at least three pieces: one for water and separate containers for dry and wet food.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the material from which the dishes are made. It is best to use metal, glass or porcelain bowls. They are hygienic and safe. It is recommended to refuse plastic ware. This option is the least hygienic: harmful bacteria and microbes grow easily on plastic, which can lead to poisoning of the kitten and other problems of the digestive system.

Toilets for cats are different: open, closed, with the use of filler and without it. Experts recommend choosing open trays with fillers. As experience shows, it is easiest to accustom the kitten to such a toilet.

As for the shape, color and model of the tray, then in pet stores you can find options for every taste. Here is the choice of the owner.

The correct mix will effectively eliminate unpleasant odors, the appearance of which is inevitable. Fillers for trays are of several types:

Absorbent. Consists of natural substances and minerals. Replace it every time after the kitten went to the toilet, there is no need;
Clumping. Consists of small clay granules. When liquid gets on them, they begin to form lumps that need to be thrown away;
Woody. Also consists of natural substances, usually cellulose. Under the influence of moisture, such a filler decomposes, it can even be thrown into the toilet;
Silica gel. It consists of a dried gel, the granules of which perfectly isolate moisture and unpleasant odors. Such a filler is considered to be one of the most modern and of the highest quality, however it is not sold everywhere.
Place to sleep

This may be a special litter, basket or cottage. The main thing that the pet was there warm, soft and comfortable. Comfortable bedding will help if you need to wean the pet from the bad habit of sleeping in the master’s bed.

Care should be taken to create maximum comfort in the part of the room where this place is located, because the kitten, especially the small one, sleeps a lot.

Care products
Various devices not only help to monitor the appearance of a kitten, but also ensure its hygiene and maintain health. The most important tools are:

A claw cutter that allows you to cut the claws painlessly;
Shampoo designed specifically for cats;

One of the most significant things in the life of any kitten. Rubber balls and tweeters in the form of various animals are perfect for pets.

At the same time, toys with small parts that are easy to swallow should be avoided. Objects with long ropes, in which the kitten may become entangled and suffocate, are a certain danger. It is better not to leave him alone with such fun.

Many of these things are not bought at the same time and can even serve the animal a lifetime, therefore, their choice should be approached responsibly.

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