How to adapt a kitten to a new home?
Any sudden change in the outside world is stressful for the cat. This is especially strongly felt at an early age, when the kitten was only taken from the mother.…

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Maine Coon
Brutal cats, as if escaped from the legends of the Vikings, fascinate the hearts of people who are not indifferent to the northern nature. However, in their hearts these cats…

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How to tame a wild kitten?
Many people who dream of a pet, think about how to shelter a street kitten or a cat, but they doubt whether the animal will become obedient, will not spoil…

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How much does a kitten weigh?

The weight of a kitten can talk about many things: about age, health, pace of development, and not only. As they grow older, the weight of the kitten changes, it is influenced by various factors. How much should a kitten weigh and how to determine its weight without help?

The weight of a kitten is influenced by various factors. Usually newborn kittens weigh from 80 to 140 g, on average – about 90 g. But much depends on the breed: for example, Maine Coon kittens weigh 130–150 g.

Monthly kitten weight
The most rapid growth is observed during the first month of life. On the day a kitten can add up to 15 g. By the end of the month it can weigh 450–500 g.

The weight of a two-month kitten
At this age, the baby is already slowly eating solid food. But since his activity is also increasing, the pace of weight gain can slow down. After two months, he usually weighs 1–1.5 kg.

The weight of a three-month kitten
Now actively growing kitten prefers solid food. Males and females begin to differ in each other in size and weight. At three months, the kitten weighs 1.5-2.3 kg.

The weight of a five-month kitten
At this age, a kitten may be limited to four meals per day, but its weight continues to grow. Depending on the breed and gender, its weight is usually 2–4.2 kg.

The weight of a six-month kitten
By this time, if the kittens are growing up, it is much slower. They eat three times a day, and their weight is 2-4.8 kg. In the future, the females will barely change, while the males will continue to build muscle.

Why should we weigh a kitten?
If the pet has a good appetite, has not lost weight, is not fat and looks healthy, there is no need for weighing. But sometimes it is necessary. The reasons are different:

It is necessary to calculate the daily diet. For example, if you picked up a kitten on the street and do not know how many months it is, then with the help of weighing you can find out how much food it needs.
To determine the dose of medication. Often, in order to find out the dosage of drugs, you need to know how much your pet weighs; as a rule, it is indicated per kilogram of weight. In the case of kittens, it is especially important to do this not by eye, but in strict accordance with the instructions for the preparation.
For transportation in the plane. This applies to adult cats. You may encounter restrictions on the transportation of pets in the cabin. For example, the allowable weight of a pet along with carrying may be no more than 8 kg, otherwise the animal will fly in the cargo hold. Therefore, it is important to determine the weight of the cat in advance to avoid unnecessary stress.

How to independently weigh a kitten?
Weighing newborn kittens makes sense only when it is prescribed by a veterinarian. It is convenient to use kitchen scales for weighing older kittens. The most popular is joint weighing on floor scales. To do this, you must first weigh yourself, and then do the same with the cat in your hands. Then you should subtract your own from the total weight.

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