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How to cut the claws kitten?

Pet care should be comprehensive and include various aspects of hygiene. One of the highlights is the shearing of claws. This is not an easy, but necessary procedure, and if it is early to accustom your pet to it, then it will get used and will practically not resist.

When is it time to cut the claws?
In the first weeks of life, kittens have short and rather soft claws, but over time they harden. Already by about 6–8 weeks of life, claws grow to such dimensions that they begin to interfere with feeding and scratching mother.

The first truly strong claws grow around the 4th month, and finally formed by six months. You can start cutting the claws of a kitten as early as 15 weeks.
How to cut the claws?
It is necessary to teach the pet grooming procedure from a rather early age. In this matter, the first experience is an important psychological factor: the first grooming of claws should go as smoothly as possible, the kitten should not experience discomfort or pain. Then the procedure will not cause him fear, and you can easily care for his claws.

During the procedure, you should act very carefully so as not to hurt the pet. When cutting the claws, their structure must be taken into account in order to avoid wrong actions.

Stages haircut:
You should choose a time when the kitten is calm or even sleepy. He should be feeling good. The kitten can be stroked, scratched behind the ear and touch each paw, it is useful for getting used to the further procedure;

Then you need to put the pet on your lap, in one hand to take his paw, and in the other – special claw shears, which can be bought at any pet store;

It is necessary to press gently on the middle of the paw so that the claws come out of it;

You should examine the claw and determine where the sensitive area ends. Then you need to carefully cut off the claw, leaving at least two millimeters from the pulp. And so on all paws.

Useful tips:
It would be good, just in case, to have on hand a means to stop the blood and an antiseptic (this may be necessary if during the shearing of claws pulp is affected);

If you doubt that you can do it, or are simply afraid to perform this procedure yourself, you can entrust it to professionals: specialists in zoosalonakh and veterinary clinics will do everything quickly and painlessly.

Do not forget that claws should be trimmed regularly, at least once a month.

Kitten and kogtetochka
At about 6–7 weeks, the kittens are already using their claws to play, conquer new heights and explore everything that surrounds them. If you notice that the kitten began to scratch furniture and wallpaper, then it’s time to get a claw stick. She will help you to keep interior items and nerves untouched, and a kitten to sharpen claws with comfort.

To show your pet why it is needed, you need to gently take him by the paw and drag him along the surface of the scratching post. This will help attract your pet and teach it to regularly use the new accessory. But, even if the kitten will often sharpen its claws, this does not cancel a haircut.

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How to cut the claws kitten?
Pet care should be comprehensive and include various aspects of hygiene. One of the highlights is the shearing of claws. This is not an easy, but necessary procedure, and if…