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Kitten and puppy in the same apartment

Many animals, like people, do not tolerate loneliness. They begin to yearn, and this can lead to poor health. A good way out for those who are not at home as often as they would like, can be the acquisition of two pets at once. They will be able to spend time together, develop and delight the owner, and, most importantly, they will be less susceptible to stress. There is nothing strange in having a kitten and a puppy at the same time, on the contrary, this has its advantages.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, cats and dogs that grew up together remain best friends for life. This friendship is even stronger and stronger than between pets of the same species.

It is because of belonging to different families kittens and puppies (and in the future – adult pets) are more likely to have warm relations, because in such a union there is no intraspecific competition.

In this case, it does not matter what sex the pets will be. Boys and girls will not fight as if they were of the same species. When deciding to have two babies at once, you must first look at the compatibility of their characters, level of activity and sociability.

At what age is it better to take pets?
Active socialization occurs in animals up to 6 months. At the same time, cats grow up faster than dogs. To the kitten and puppy made friends, it is best to take them up to 3 months. The difference should be small, the kitten may be a little older.

Raising a kitten and a puppy
Kids will inevitably adopt each other’s habits. This means that if the kitten likes to sleep on the couch, then the puppy will soon discover that this is the most comfortable place to sleep in the house. If one of the pets nibbles on shoes or furniture, then the second one will begin to sharpen their teeth or claws on these objects. For this reason, it is important to educate all pets according to the same standard.

If you forbid a puppy to whine and beg for food from the table, then the kitten must understand that he can not beg. At the same time it is important that each of them saw what the other was being punished for. Bringing two small animals to your house at the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that they will require twice as much control.

Similarly, it is important to try to give an equal amount of attention to each child. Otherwise, pets can be offended, cease to respect and obey the owner. At the same time, “equal” does not always mean “the same”, because each pet needs the caress of the owner and other family members, but its manifestations can be very different from what the other pet expects from the family.
Joint games
A kitten and a puppy in the same apartment will run and play together, which means it is likely that they may harm each other by accident. To avoid this, it is important to monitor the length of the claws of animals and in time to cut them.

Games of small pets usually represent a competition, during which they learn to communicate, show their speed and agility. If you see that one of the pets has gone too far, bites or attacks strongly, then it is worth intervening. However, you can never single out one pet and belittle another. For dangerous games both should be punished. The leader in the pack must be the owner, not one of the pets.

Pet care:
Both the kitten and the puppy need to be vaccinated and given anthelmintic preparations once every three months. It is important to note that the dose for cats and dogs is different, even if they are in the same weight category;
Do not forget that pets belong to different species and require different care, which also depends on the breed. So, the dogs need to be washed more often, especially the paws after the walk, and the cat needs a claw;
Hygiene rules are common for both a puppy and a kitten. These primarily include brushing your teeth, as well as combing if the breed requires it;
Bowls, most likely, will have to be put in different places so that the puppy could not get to the cat food. A bowl of a kitten can be placed on an elevated surface, where the dog will not be able to get it.
So, if you decide to bring a puppy and a kitten into the house, then you need to remember a few important points:

It is better that both of them are of the same age and not older than 3 months;
Pets will need double control;
They will require twice as much attention;
Caring for them can be even more thorough than with one pet.

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