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Sterilization of cats: what is it and why is it needed?
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Where to put a cat on vacation

Summer is a traditional time for vacations, but it is not always possible to take a pet along with you. Let us tell you where to leave the cat on vacation, so that the cat is not sad and not crying.

Where to leave the cat on vacation

Cat sitter
For cats, personal space is important, and changes in the environment cause anxiety in the animal. Therefore, the easiest option is to ask someone to go to the pet. Such a “nanny” for a cat on vacation can be a friend or relative. If you can not find the right person, try to find someone who takes care of the cat for a small fee.

Before leaving you need:

Take care of food and buy feed in advance. Explain “nanny” how to feed a cat: how many times a day and how much food to give, how often to pour fresh water;
Tell how and when to clean the tray. Check if the cat litter has run out;
Exchange phones with someone who will look after the cat.
If your cat alone is hard, such communication will not be enough for him. Then it is worth considering the option of a temporary move.

Moving a cat to friends or relatives
Cat playing with a rope

This option is suitable for cats that can hardly tolerate loneliness. Any relocation, even for a short time, is stressful, so the cat will be more comfortable with familiar people. Choose a candidate from people with whom the pet willingly makes contact.

To reduce anxiety of a cat will help her familiar toys, a scraper and a house. Do not forget to buy food, bring bowls and tray. When choosing a temporary family, pay attention to the conditions in the apartment and the composition of the family. You should not give the cat to a house with children or an aggressive dog.

Paid overexposure or hotel for cats
Cat in the hotel

In special hotels, pets are fed, bathed, taken out for walks, until their owner returns. This method is more expensive, but it has several advantages:

Specialists will care for the cat. They will be responsible for the pet;
The hotel animals are kept separately in a specially designed room. The pet will not suffer: it will not run away, it will not fall out of the window and will not eat the poisonous plant;
If the animal is sick, he will immediately receive medical care;
Hotel staff will professionally take care of an animal with specific needs. They will provide the necessary care and treatment;
Possibility of round-the-clock monitoring of the cat through a webcam.
Visit the hotel before leaving there a cat and pay attention to the size and purity of the cells, the order in the rooms. The smell of urine, wool in the rooms – the sure signs that the animal is dangerous. If the cat is going to walk in the yard, inspect the area. A pet can escape if it finds a gap or hole.

Is it possible to leave the cat alone
Cat alone at home

The cat, especially in summer, needs fresh feed and water daily, and frequent cleaning of the tray. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave the pet alone, even if it is a weekly period. In case of injury there will be no one to help.

Sometimes it happens that there is no other way out. To provide a cat with comfort, pay attention to the following things:

Feed. Open canned food is stored no more than a day, so a cat can be alone in an apartment only if it eats dry food. The autoform will be a good helper: fill it with a margin;
Water Install automatic drinker. For these purposes, suitable and a special fountain. Also leave water in the rooms. Do not use plastic bowls: the water in such dishes quickly becomes dirty and evaporates. You can put a deep plate in the sink and open the faucet. Free the sink from foreign objects: the cat will drop them and block the drain;
Tray. Place additional trays and fill more filler than usual. Lock the door to the toilet, otherwise the cat can slam it;
Safety cat. Do not leave the windows open, however there must be fresh air in the apartment – make the minimum gap. Close cabinets and cabinets and make sure that the cat does not get to dangerous items: threads, first-aid kits, household chemicals, packages.
Of course, it is safer not to leave the cat alone during the holidays. It is better to try to find a friend who will live with the pet owner in the apartment. So look after the cat, and the pet will not get bored during your absence.

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