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How to help the cat in the summer heat

Cats, like people, do not like heat. They sweat only through their paws, and so difficult to adjust the heat. Animals themselves can not turn on the air conditioner, so it is difficult for them without human help. In the end, they have the same paws! In this article we will explain how to cool a cat during a heat wave.

The cat lies on the beach

Who is hotter
The heat is unpleasant for all cats, but some are especially hard in this weather. These include:

Cats with a flat muzzle;
Hairless cats;
Pets suffering from diseases of the heart, blood vessels, respiratory and hormonal systems;
Thick and mature cats.
It is not necessary to cut the cat in hot weather: the fur removes heat from the skin, cooling the animal. You can slightly trim the coat, but you can not completely shave.

How to understand that the cat is hot
Overheated cat tries to go into a cool place: hide in the shade, get into the sink or bathroom. She reluctantly moves and constantly sleeps, eats badly. Note, if the cat breathes like a dog, with his tongue hanging out: perhaps the cat has sunstroke.

Cat drinks water

The following symptoms are dangerous:

The cat lies, does not respond to touch and sound;
Heart palpitations;
The animal is not well oriented in space, but is trying to leave;
Dilated pupils, pale or reddened mucous membranes;
The cat breathes heavily and often, sticking its tongue out;
Temperature above 40 ° С;
Vomiting, convulsions, fainting.
The first thing you do when you get a sunstroke is water: give her a drink, wrap in a damp towel. Wet face, head and feet. If the darling does not get better, immediately go to the veterinary clinic.

How to help the cat in the heat
Cats are baked in the sun

Sunstroke is a dangerous condition that can lead to swelling of the brain or lungs. To save the cat from the heat, create a comfortable environment:

Keep cool. Turn on the air conditioner or the fan, if they are not there – open the windows and hang wet towels. Close the curtains so that less sunlight penetrates the house;
Install mosquito nets on the windows – secure the apartment;
Give the cat more water. Put the bowls in different rooms and change the water 2-3 times a day;
If you feed your cat wet or homemade food, do not leave food for long;
Moisten the ears, paw pads and tummy with cool water twice a day;
For cats who are not afraid of water, arrange water procedures;
When traveling with a pet, use a carry and do not forget a bottle of water and a towel.
Be attentive to your fluffy in hot weather, take care of him and do not forget about some water!

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