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How to comb the cat’s coat

Every owner should take care of the health and appearance of his pet. Cat grooming is an important procedure that should be done regularly. But it must be done correctly.

How often to comb a cat
The main rule is the regularity of the procedure. Combing cats spend at least 2 times a week, depending on the type of wool.However, not all animals love it, therefore, as a reward, a pet can be given something tasty as a reward. If you take a kitten, then you need to train him to comb it right away so that the adult animal doesn’t have any problems with it.

How to comb a cat
types of comb for cats

It is necessary to choose the right combs and brushes, based on the type of wool. Some brushes have a massage effect and stimulate blood flow to the skin. During the procedure, you must be careful not to injure your pet. For this reason, it is advisable to select brushes with protected ends.

There are several basic tools for combing pets:

furminator – comb with rectangular teeth. Suitable for removing mats from long-haired pets. Also, it can be massaged;
mitten – covered with pimples or teeth. Easy to use;
puhoderka – comb with teeth;
The selection of brushes and combs depends on the cat’s coat. Ideally, you should consult a veterinarian about purchasing a suitable instrument.

Long wool
Combed longhair cat

It is recommended to comb long-haired pets every day, otherwise the wool will pile into mats. Long hair care requires:

metal brush with natural bristles;
comb with frequent and rare teeth;
smoothing brush.
With a soft brush, you need to comb your pet against the fur, in the direction of its growth – we must not forget about the belly and tail. After that, combed combed wool and combed fur on the face and collar (you can take a toothbrush).

It is important to remember that you can only comb dry hair, as wet is more easily confused.

Short wool
Combed shorthair cat

Some owners, purchasing a short-haired cat, hope that it will not have to be combed out, because it “can itself”. In fact, the fur of such cats also need care. To do this, you need the following tools:

comb for cats with fine teeth;
soft bristled brush;
suede (for polishing wool);
rubber brush.
It is necessary several times to walk the comb from the neck to the tail – and back. Then you can massage the cat with a rubber brush, smooth the coat and polish it a little with a piece of suede. It is recommended to carry out regularly on a fur coat of an animal with a wet hand, in order to remove dead hairs – this trick is often used by the owners of the British. Scottish cats need to comb a rare comb from the tail to the head and vice versa. A brush with natural bristles gives the hair shine.

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