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How to measure cat temperature

Our fluffies, unfortunately, sometimes get sick too. Cats can not complain about the bad state of health, so the owner needs to know how to monitor the pet’s well-being.

sick cat

Normal temperature in cats
In humans, the temperature is less than that of cats. Therefore, cats always seem warm to us. Normally, the temperature of an adult cat ranges from 38 to 39 degrees, with kittens – less.

Temperatures above 39.5 and below 38 are a sign of ill health. Immediately go to a veterinary clinic, if the thermometer shows more than 40 or less than 37.5.

Signs of fever in a cat
the kitten is sick

Despite the stereotype, a dry nose is not the only sign of high fever. You should be concerned if the pet has the following symptoms:

Behavior change – lethargy and unwillingness to move;
Shivering, chills and heart palpitations;
Vomiting and diarrhea;
Pallor, dilated pupils;
Photophobia, avoidance of people;
Visible third eyelid.
On these grounds, it is possible to judge the temperature rise in the cat, even if there is no thermometer on hand.

Temperature measurement
You can find out the temperature of a cat only by measuring it rectally – through the ass.

There is a special veterinary thermometer, but the usual human electronic one will do. Mercury thermometers are inconvenient to use: you will have to wait 5 minutes to get the result, so it’s best to avoid them.

the temperature is measured for the kitten

To measure a cat’s temperature, follow these steps:

Call the assistant – he will keep the cat paws. If not, wrap the pet in a sheet;
Put the cat on its side and straighten it so that it does not shrink into a ball;
Treat the thermometer tip with a disinfectant, and then lubricate with a fat baby cream or petroleum jelly;
Talk to the cat affectionately and stroke it;
Enter the thermometer in 1 cm rotation;
The tip of the thermometer should touch the wall of the rectum;
After measuring the temperature, wash the thermometer and give the cat a treat.
It is better to measure the temperature not only at the moment of illness: so you will know the rate for your pet. We wish your cats do not get sick!

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