Bengal cat
The beauty, grace and care of the wild beast are perfectly combined in the Bengal cat. Many people want to have a little “leopard” at home, but before acquiring, you…

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How to tame a wild kitten?
Many people who dream of a pet, think about how to shelter a street kitten or a cat, but they doubt whether the animal will become obedient, will not spoil…

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How to tame a wild kitten?
Many people who dream of a pet, think about how to shelter a street kitten or a cat, but they doubt whether the animal will become obedient, will not spoil…

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Vitamins for cats: why you need and what are

To the cat was comfortable and he grew up healthy, you need vitamins. Also, they can not do without for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

What vitamins do the cat need?

Why does a cat need vitamins
For the proper functioning of the body, any person and animal needs vitamins. Without vitamins, the cat’s health and appearance deteriorates, the risk of diseases increases.

It is impossible to get all the necessary substances and trace elements only from food, no matter how diverse it is. And if feed manufacturers try to provide food with vitamins, cats on natural nutrition are harder. If you are cooking for a pet yourself, no additives in food can not do. For cats on the stern, vitamins are useful in special cases: for example, with problems with fur or after an illness.

Signs of beriberi
Sick cat
Avitaminosis leads to serious diseases, so it is important to identify it in time. The following symptoms indicate a lack of vitamins in the diet:

loss of appetite, poor digestion;
prolonged molting, fading of color and brittleness of wool, untidy appearance;
decreased activity, lethargy, depressed mood;
weight loss, developmental delays;
frequent colds, weakness of the immune system.
To understand what exactly the cat lacks, you will have to pass tests. However, experienced veterinarians sometimes manage visual inspection of the pet and a survey of the owner.

Types of vitamins for cats
Types of vitamins for cats

The veterinary industry has come up with many ways to give vitamins to cats:

Tablets and crackers with flavors. It is convenient to give such vitamins to cats: they smell deliciously and animals independently gnaw them. Kittens can be given tablets only in crushed form;
Kotu give vitamins
Vitaminized pasta. The remedy is given to the cat from the hand or squeezed directly into the mouth. You can smear the pet’s foot so that it will lick the paste;
Kota fed from a tube
Liquid drops. The drug is added to food or water, which is convenient for the owner. Weakened cats are dripped into their mouths with a syringe without a needle;
Vitamins drops for cats
Injection solutions. Apply to cats that can not eat medicine on their own. Do not use injections without a veterinarian.
Injection vitamins for cats
In addition to the method of application, the vitamins are divided by purpose: to strengthen the immune system, for beautiful wool, for bones, joints and teeth, for pregnant cats. Multivitamin complexes are preferred for daily use.

When to give a cat vitamins
Treats with a complex of vitamins can be given daily: the concentration of substances in them is minimal, but sufficient to prevent vitamin deficiency. If signs of a lack of vitamins are already there, you need to take drugs with a higher dosage.

If a cat needs vitamins not for prophylaxis, it is better to consult with a veterinarian: he will prescribe the necessary medications and tell you which course to take.

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